Does Fruit Make You Fat?

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For the love of all things math and science, please stop eliminating fruit from your diet because some magazine said it makes you fat.

Here’s how this works:

Yes, fruit has a decent amount of sugar. It’s natural sugar. It is NOT the same as the sugar found in Skittles (unfortunately...I loves me some Skittles).

Sugar, natural or processed, is a carb.

Therefore, fruit is a carb source.

Just like pasta.
Just like bread.
Just like oatmeal.
Just like beans.
Just like quinoa.

...Just like thousands of other foods that people have arbitrarily labeled as “good” or “bad.”

When it comes to fat loss, a carb is a carb and calories are Queen.

When it comes to NUTRITION, however, fruit beats out every other food on that list.


Fruit is jam packed with vitamins and minerals, which we call micronutrients. While most carbs contain *some* micros, fruit is like the Lebron James of vitamins and minerals. It’s the King.

From a big picture health standpoint, fruit is one of the healthiest carbs you can be giving your body.

If you’ve deemed fruit the devil, take a moment to ask yourself why.

Do you have a cantaloupe addiction that’s stopping you from hitting your goals?

Is your blueberry bingeing the cause of your woes?

Chances are there’s a bigger issue at play, namely that you’re eating more calories than you burn in a day. 

Yes, fruit counts toward that daily caloric intake, but my bet’s on the fact that it’s not the major culprit of that intake being higher than the output.

Your body needs a balance of carbs, fat, and protein to function as it was intended

...and fruit is one of the healthiest sources of carbs you can give it.

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