True Strength Comes
From the Inside Out

This isn't about six pack abs and overinflated egos.

This is about unleashing your best life.

Low energy.

Mood swings.

Uncomfortable in your clothes.


Health is less about the way you look and more about how you feel.

When you take control of your health, you unleash the most badass version of yourself.

And helping people unleash their most badass self is what

sets my soul on fire. 

My name's Rachel and I take what I like to call an "inside out" approach to training. Because, the truth is, 80% of this is mental. 

There's a reason most people have started and stopped their health and fitness journey more times than they'd like to admit, and it's not their mother's hereditary hips or the slow metabolism your family swears runs on your dad side.

Restriction isn't sustainable. We must train our bodies and minds to create new, empowering habits that make this a lasting lifestyle. 

That's what I do and that's why this works. 

I've helped people from 11 to 65 unleash their inner badass by taking control of their health. And I can do the same for you, no matter your starting point, your history or your secret fear of winding up in a blooper gym meme. 


Ready to unleash your inner badass? 

How to You want to get MindStrong?

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Rachel has done nothing but motivate, inspire and support me along my fitness journey. There were days when I did not feel like working out or going to the gym but she pushed me and made sure that I was there. I was never judged and I felt completely comfortable working out with her. I quickly began looking forward to our training sessions. It was no longer something I did once or twice a week, it became my life. She is one of the best trainers I’ve ever experienced!

~Victoria, 24

I never stepped a foot in a gym until I met Rachel...she encouraged me to have confidence in myself and worked one on one with me, watching me learn what each piece of equipment is used for!!!
Rachel is an amazingly PATIENT person and I thank her for everything!!

~Marlene, 65

Rachel is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She has inspired me to make life changes for myself. She is so warm and inviting, which makes me feel at ease in the gym. She is knowledgeable about the machines and what I need to focus on to get the results! You would be a fool not to have Rachel by your side at the gym!

~Melissa, 35

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