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What our grads are saying...

When I first signed up for Rachel’s 5 Day Kickstart Program, I had absolutely no intention of investing ANY money in yet another diet program. I realized quickly that MindStrong was far from a diet. Throughout those 5-days, I vividly remember saying over and over again…”how have I never thought of it this way - everything she says is so logical!” As a very analytical person, I was drawn to the way Rachel made everything just make sense! That was just the start. Her entire program is so eye opening and the group and coaches are extremely supportive. I didn’t invest in another diet program, but I did invest in MYSELF and haven’t looked back. MindStrong has helped me look at food in a whole new way and has given me the tools to take complete control of my health while maintaining MY lifestyle.


I’m confident in saying the experience has been the most gratifying and uplifting program that I have ever been involved with. Not only have I lost 25lbs., I have gained so much internal strength! This program has taught me how to eat in a way that I can sustain, while still fitting in the foods that I love. The mindset portion of the program has allowed me to take control of so many other areas of my life as well – work, personal relationships, finances, my relationship with food – they are all interwoven. With these tools and education, I am taking the steps to become the “ME” that I want to be. I’m learning to be my “BEST COACH” and build the habits that will serve me best. MindStrong is TRUTH with a capital “T”!

~Kim F

MindStrong has changed my life. I have learned and overcome obstacles that held me back, such as fear, doubt and mentally beating myself up!! The nutrition, support and education that I gained has helped me succeed in all aspects of my life. Wish i had MindStrong 30 years ago!!! I am 57 and feeling the best i have in a long time and to boot i reached my weight that i was 24 years ago. Nutrition is the key to success!!! Trust this program and yourself and you will not fail.

~Ronnie F

Overall so much has changed! Self-esteem, self-image, confidence, improved focus - the list goes on! I'm so grateful to be on this journey with the MindStrong fam!

~Brandi S.