MindStrong  In Person Coaching

This is more than personal training. This is a new lease on life. 

As much as I like to joke that I'm really good at lifting heavy things up and down, my area of expertise lies outside of pushing weight that could easily crush me (though thank goodness I can do that too).

At my core, I am a teacher.

After years of being in a classroom, teaching tiny to full grown humans, there are three things I can tell you with full confidence:

1. My patience is my super power

2. They key to teaching exists in two things:

relationships and discovering how that particular person learns best

3. My sense of humor never developed past 7th grade


What this means in our world is that I know how to push you outside your comfort zone without overwhelming you. I can tap into how you personally learn best and adapt to give you what you need. And, perhaps most importantly, I'm not the spit-in-your-face-give-me-ten-more-reps or, even worse, a tell-you-what-to-do-then-sit-on-my-phone-while-you-do-it kind of trainer.


I am a coach who will set the bar high then guide you to get there.

I am a friend who wants to see you succeed.

I am your personal teacher.

(Fair warning: I'm also the person who grunts in the gym.)

In-person coaching is available to clients within the San Fran/Bay area.

(Unless, of course, you want to fly me out on your private jet for a few weeks of personal training. I'm open to discussion.)

For more information on in-person programs,

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Rachel has done nothing but motivate, inspire and support me along my fitness journey. There were days when I did not feel like working out or going to the gym but she pushed me and made sure that I was there. I was never judged and I felt completely comfortable working out with her. I quickly began looking forward to our training sessions. It was no longer something I did once or twice a week, it became my life. She is one of the best trainers I’ve ever experienced!

~Victoria, 24

I never stepped a foot in a gym until I met Rachel...she encouraged me to have confidence in myself and worked one on one with me, watching me learn what each piece of equipment is used for!!!
Rachel is an amazingly PATIENT person and I thank her for everything!!

~Marlene, 65

Rachel is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She has inspired me to make life changes for myself. She is so warm and inviting, which makes me feel at ease in the gym. She is knowledgeable about the machines and what I need to focus on to get the results! You would be a fool not to have Rachel by your side at the gym!

~Melissa, 35

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