Why This Works

Don't think about a blue elephant.

Especially don't think about a blue elephant balanced on a hot pink

rubber ball. 

See, your mind is much like those middle schoolers I used to teach:


When you tell it not to do something, it wants to do it even more.

This is why a diet based off of restriction doesn't work. It's not sustainable. 

The key to feeling empowered, confident and, ultimately, the key to being successful in this comes from training your mind to support you, to be your best coach and teacher, instead of bashing you, belittling you or constantly talkin' smack up there.

Personalized, flexible nutrition plans mean this is tailored to you and your goals. (It also means you get to eat carbs and fat...imagine that!)

Your workout plans are clear and concise, including videos of yours truly (that's me!) teaching you the form on each exercise. You'll be set up for success, even if you've never set foot in a gym or feel intimidated at the thought of one.  


(Side note: My favorite message ever from a client was a pic of her going to workout in her Halloween costume, captioned, "I went from feeling self conscious just walking into a gym in workout clothes to struttin' in in an astronaut suit!")

Weekly Skype check-ins and unlimited Voxer access to your coach (me!) keep you inspired, accountable and ensure all your questions are always answered. 

Most importantly, in addition to training your body, we're gonna train your mind with weekly exercises to build empowering, sustainable habits that make this a lasting lifestyle. 

This isn't some cookie-cutter downloadable program. This is me on the other end as your on-call coach and friend. This program works...and we have fun along the way. Check out what my badass clients have to say.

Working with Rachel has changed my life for the better. She changed my whole perspective on working out! She has been nothing but inspiring and motivational. Always keeping me on track with my workouts and macros! She cares so much about each of her clients and truly wants everyone to succeed. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to take that next step towards a healthier lifestyle but just needs that extra push. Thank you Rachel, my results are already incredible and I feel stronger everyday!

~Ariella L.

Rachel is amazing! She immediately puts you at ease even if you aren’t comfortable with gym equipment and knows the fine line between your comfort zone and pushing you to where you need to be to see an impact. She also follows up with you throughout the process which helps you stay motivated. I can’t say enough about Rachel - she is everything you could ask for in a trainer!

~Faith F.

Now that I'm done blushing, let's chat.


If you're ready to unleash your inner badass-and you're willing to put up with my terrible puns as your coach (fair warning)-set up a free Skype with me to discuss your goals by filling out the form below. 

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Because I love you already. 

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