Meet Rachel/My Story

I didn't get into training to get people washboard abs.

Back when I was a middle school music teacher (no guessing why lifting heavy things up and down became my release at the end of the day!), I casually started taking teacher-friends to the gym with me. 

I heard feedback like:

"Feeling better about myself has made me such a better mom, partner and teacher. I finally feel...unstuck."

It was about confidence.

It was about energy.

It was about feeling unstoppable

I teach you to train your mind, along with your body, to make this a sustainable lifestyle, not another failed crash course diet. To set you up with the tools you need to have a healthy relationship with food, a mind that works for you instead of against you and a body that gives you abundant energy (and looks hella good in those skinny jeans).

If you're ready to unleash your life with abundant energy and overall badassiness, click one of those boxes below  and let's get to it!

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