My experience with MindStrong Fitness has been nothing short of AMAZING!

I signed up for the coaching program without ever having been in a gym before.

Rachel taught me so much not only about exercise, but about nutrition and really set me up to succeed! She breaks everything down in little bite sizes pieces so nothing seems overwhelming or that intimidating. I have asked fifty million questions and Rachel has went above and beyond to answer all of them almost immediately which is super impressive! I also put all of my fears and anxieties right out there to her at the beginning and she's been great about consistently​ working with me on those things.

Rachel is not only brilliant, but has been my biggest cheerleader. She may get more excited than me when I hit goals​​ and that's priceless!

~Nicole C.

Your MindStrong  Ignite membership includes:


MindStrong Personalized Workout Plan: ​​​

  • Workout plans for at home or the gym

  • Personalized, progressive workout splits tailored to your goals and schedule 

  • Personalized, progressive exercises per body part tailored to your goals

  • How-to videos for your personal workout plan


MindStrong Macro Nutrition Coaching:

  • Personalized macro numbers for your personal goals

  • Suggested meal planning tailored to your goals and preference

  • Suggested shopping lists tailored to your goals and preference

  • Nutritional advice and guidelines



  • Mindset training tools to ensure this becomes a sustainable lifestyle

  • Bonus nutrition, mindset, and workout videos from MindStrong University

...And you can try it free for 7 days!

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