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Like a true BFF, I'm gonna be blunt with you: 

You're in an unhealthy relationship.

All this back and forth.

The all in one minute then out the next.

The love/hate.

The guilt.

The regret. 

...It's gotta stop. It's not sustainable. It's not healthy.


It's not what you deserve. 

Thankfully, this is going to be the easiest breakup of your life.


I'm gonna do it for you.

Before you start sending me your soon-to-be ex's address, let's clarify:

I'm a lover, not a fighter. ;) I'm not here to knock on your ex's door (or teeth).

I'm here to teach you to how to redefine your relationship with food and understand how everything you eat literally fuels your body.

Introducing Fuel Your Body, a 100% online course that will completely redefine your relationship with food and empower you to take complete control of your health and nutrition and live with abundant energy. 

Within this course, you'll learn:

  • How fat loss truly works, not how fad marketing will have you believe

  • How to read food labels and exactly what to look for to make healthy choices when food shopping

  • How to food portion without a food scale to lose fat (or gain weight, depending on your goals)

  • Simple tips to put into effect immediately that drastically increase your energy level and pump up your immune system

  • How nutrition works according to math and science, not media hype, to make this a sustainable lifestyle, not another crash course diet. 

Here's the beauty of this:

  • The information contained in this course is literally everything you need to understand the foundation of eating for your goals. You don't need point systems. You don't need pre-packaged meals. You don't need another diet. You will have everything in your tool bag to go forth with the confidence and knowledge you need to eat for your goals.

  • This course is 100% online and it's allllll yours. Once you sign up, you got it. Watch. Pause, Take notes. Rewind. Come back to it. Indefinitely. All online. All yours.

  • Lots of freebies. In addition to the video modules, there are lots of free downloadables, including cheat sheets, reference guides and journals. 

  • I'm on the other side. This isn't some downloadable online course, where you hit play and never speak to a human again. Throughout the course, you always have access to me via email to ask questions, dig deeper, or simply tell me how much you're enjoying my terrible puns.


Now...here's the kicker. 

I am so done with the BS that's marketed out there as nutrition truth when, in reality, it's just another product with a pretty pink bow on it. My mission in life is to spread truth. The teacher in me want to shout from the rooftops: 

"This is the TRUTH behind how nutrition works!!"

Because I'd prefer to not get arrested for being a psycho and shouting from rooftops, I've taken another route...I've made this a no brainer for you:

 Fuel Your Body,

the 100% online course and all its free downloadable, is $79

Friends, if you're sick of yo-yo-ing. If you're sick of starting and stopping. If you're sick of being sick. Get. In. Here.

$79 is as no brainer as I can make this for a class that will literally transform your life. 

Let's do this together:

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